SODR (Solution - Oriented Dispute Resolution)

SODR is an end-to-end dispute resolution system that produces quick, fair, practical, cost-effective, legally enforceable outcomes.  It works well for almost all types of dispute.   

SODR combines the most effective features of: (a) Facilitative and (b) Determinative dispute resolution into a single, 3 phase progressive process, comprising: 

(1) Facilitation > (2) Legally Binding Determination > (3) Independent Decision Making 

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Phase #1

Facilitation:  shares the core mechanics of Mediation - the Facilitator guides the process and helps the Parties to develop a negotiated agreement.

Phase #2

Phase #3



Enforceable Determination:  if negotiation doesn’t work, the Facilitator makes an enforceable Determination.

Independent Decision:  if all Parties reject the Determination, the dispute is referred to a neutral, Independent Decision Maker for a legally binding Decision. 

Confidential, practical, quick, flexible, responsive, and very time/cost-efficient.


Parties cannot bail out, unless all agree to do so. 


A final outcome is almost guaranteed - by negotiated Agreement, enforceable Determination, or legally binding Decision.

Requires initial commitment from all Parties to participate.

Click here to commence a SODR process, or here to request a prompt callback from a real human to discuss your needs and options.

COVID-19 Service

We offer a faster, more economical version of our normal SODR process to help resolve most disputes while we’re living with COVID-19. 

It applies to most commercial, contract, family, tenancy, business and workplace issues. ​

  • All meetings are conducted online - by phone, email and/or Zoom (optional).

  • Most disputes are resolved within 2 weeks, from referral to conclusion.

  • Low, Fixed Cost Fees (+ GST) - charges are based on how the dispute is resolved: