Contract Facilitation

Contract Facilitation Services

Contract Facilitation Services (“CFS”)  improves contract performance, prevents disputes, and reduces overall costs, by embedding one or more skilled facilitators inside a contract, from the very start.

CFS is especially well-suited to major construction, infrastructure, and other large and complex public or private contracts where they can save enormous amounts of money by helping to keep contracts on track, facilitating prompt payments and preventing adversarial conflicts. 

Performance efficiency and project value are increased through: 

  1. Regular communications and meetings to enhance contractor relations and,

  2. Concerted efforts to establish and maintain a positive, problem solving project culture and,

  3. Regular reporting to facilitate on-time service delivery and payments and,

  4. Early intervention to prevent actual or potential project disruptors from developing into claims, disputes or conflicts.

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Team Members


All Contract Facilitators are experts in relevant areas of contract activity:  project management, engineering, construction, IT, architecture, finance and law, as well as being expert facilitators. 


We have a collaborative network of trustworthy experts to call upon in the event an objective technical opinion is required on any issue.




CFS costs are fixed upfront, by negotiation. Each facilitator (usually between 1 and 3) charges a base price of $50,000 per annum, plus costs, plus GST, for general facilitation work. Additional activities may be undertaken on an agreed basis, for an agreed cost.


A key objective is: no surprises!