• Jon Kenfield

Blog #2 - Effects of Personality Differences

“Personality” describes how somebody is expected to behave in given situations, and with other types of people.

Personality is shaped by genetics, environment, conditioning, education, experience, birth order, and other influences, including “ages and life stages”.

In any family, the range of personalities across generations, siblings and relatives (by blood and marriage), is usually very broad. It’s interesting to see how those differences complement, or conflict, with each other.

Conflicts arise between family members when antagonistic personalities are forced to co-operate within a family business, when that’s the last thing they’d do naturally.


Conduct psychometric (personality) profiling at a young age. Make it a key component of teamwork training for your next generation.

Be realistic about individual aptitudes and capabilities. Objective decision-making is key to avoiding future conflicts.

Have a plan, and make sure it will work with the people who need to drive it.

I’m interested in your thoughts and questions.