• Jon Kenfield

Blog #1 - Is a Family Business a Blessing, or a Curse?

Oh, the drama! If “Family” engages us all, at a visceral level, then “Family Business” engages us emotionally, intellectually, and vicariously - n a whole soap opera of successes and disasters.

In reality, Family Business can be a blessing, or a curse, or both. The Good are peaceful and prosperous. The Bad are disastrous for health, wealth and happiness.

It’s not about who you are, or what you’ve got - it’s about what you do with your challenges and opportunities. Can you make them work, or not?

There aren’t many passengers on the Success Train - everybody knows what the coal is for, even if they aren’t all shovelling, most of the time.

If you own, work in, or inherit an interest in a Family Business, there may be elements of entrapment, entitlement or obligation … of being “tied in” somehow, with no easy means of escape.

This can cause conflict - in the family and in the business.

This series of 50 blogs will map the terrain, explore some of the most common causes of conflict, and suggest how they can be avoided, minimised, or resolved.

I’m interested in your thoughts and questions.