Personal Issues, Disputes & Conflicts

Process Features and Outcome Requirements


What?  You have issues, disputes or conflicts with friends; family members (inside or outside a family business); colleagues or managers at work; business partners; education providers, or with just about anyone, or with anything else. 

Why?  You need to get your own head straight about what to do, and how to do it, because you’re not yet in a place to work things through with the people or things you have these issues with.  

How?  The process needs to be: private, empathic & sensitive, cathartic, constructive and empowering because, at this stage, it’s all about helping you get clarity and confidence.  You can worry about others once you start to problem solve with them.   

This process is personal and preparatory, so it needs to be fair, objective, quick & inexpensive.  You don’t need a final solution, or closure, because you’re just getting started.


Resolved by Agreement:   (1) Facilitation.  This process is personal to you.  You’re the only one who can decide if you’ve got what you need from it.


Resolved by Decision:       Not applicable.  This process is all about you … at this stage.

Resolved by Agreement


Or:    Resolved by Decision

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