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Every dispute is unique, so an institutional approach probably won’t make you happy.  Custom processes give better results, especially when sensitive/important issues need to be resolved, rather than “just” settled.

Select a process that suits your needs, or call us for free advice.  Most disputes can be resolved more quickly, with less pain and for less cost than you’d expect - provided you select the right process. 


Appropriate Dispute Solutions 


Process Choices

Your needs, objectives, and required outcomes should have a major influence on process design and cost.  That’s why we offer a full range of customisable dispute solution processes - from informal Facilitation and Mediation, through to Judicial-style Arbitration.   


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Process Choices

Process Styles

Assist (Facilitate and Mediate)


Informal, flexible processes to help parties solve their own problems and create their own solutions.  Read more

Inform (Appraise and Evaluate)


Independent, objective reports on technical or legal issues to support discussions, negotiations, mediations and litigation.  Read more

Decide (Practical Decisions)


Informal, practical, independent, objective decisions, by expert dispute resolvers, on almost any issue. Read more


Determine (Expert and Legal Determinations)

Private appointment, by contract, of an independent and objective individual to make legally binding determinations on any issues.  Expert Determiners deal with technical commercial disputes, such as business valuations; Legal Determiners deal with  legal issues, such as legislative interpretations.    Read more

Arbitrate (Expert and Judicial Arbitrations)

Private appointment of an expert, lawyer or retired judge, to make a legally binding determination on any dispute referred by the parties.  Arbitration is like having your own private judge.  You can even use court facilities for enforcement!          Read more.  

The Formality to Cost Equation


Generally, the more formal the process, the longer it takes, and the more it costs - both for the process, and for the professional support you need along the way, from lawyers and others.


All processes are tailored to the parties and their problems, meaning no more or less formality, time, effort, pain and cost than is realistically required. 

Process Features

The following table provides a quick summary of dispute solution features.  We’re just a call away as soon as you’re ready to talk: 

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