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“Naked” is the absence of something that’s normally present, such as: clothes, protection or ornamentation.

“Naked Truth” is truth without any form of bias, qualification, spin, or concealment.  It’s as raw, core and pure a representation of what is, as we can humanly make it. 

“Naked Dispute Solutions” are pure and practical responses to core problems, using raw (stripped down) processes to minimise the effects of traditional adversarial power sources:  positional / hierarchical status, and financial / technical / professional resources. 

Naked Dispute Resolution (NDR) is a minimalist, online version of Solution-Oriented Dispute Resolution (SODR).  The process does only what is necessary to achieve fair, fast and cost-effective dispute resolution, without compromising the quality, or integrity, of outcomes.   

NDR is only available as a private, opt-in dispute resolution process.  It offers greater flexibility, increased speed, reduced costs, and better results by avoiding the substantial administrative and procedural overheads built into standard institutional models. 

Key Question #1:  If NDR processes don’t follow all the usual rules, isn’t there a greater risk of getting an unpredictable, unreliable process, and an unsatisfactory result?        

Answer:  We don’t believe so.  Conventional dispute resolution, attached to courts and tribunals, operates in an adversarial paradigm that produces winners and losers.  They aren’t genuine alternatives to court processes, because they’re part of those processes.


Genuinely non-adversarial processes are often closer to counselling than dispute resolution, because they prioritise self-determination over resolution of the dispute.  And there’s no obligation on anyone to stay in the process, let alone achieve an outcome.

Naked Dispute Resolution is totally solution-focussed:  disputes are resolved as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, using the most appropriate skills and processes, to achieve best possible (naked) solutions. 

This requires the flexibility of a hybrid process:

Naked Dispute Resolvers attempt to facilitate a negotiated Agreement.  If that fails, they make a contractually-binding, written Determination.  If all parties agree to reject the Determination, the dispute is sent on to an Independent Decision Maker, for a Decision. 

The parties always get a result, and the whole process can be completed within a week!

Naked Dispute Resolution Process (SODR Online)

(1) Facilitation > (2) Legally Binding Determination > (3) Independent Decision Making 

Key Question #2:  Do you genuinely want to resolve your dispute? 

Answer:  If “Yes”, Naked Dispute Resolution will deliver. 

If “No”, and one or more parties want to keep fighting; or worse, seek revenge, destruction, or self-justification, NDR is not the process for you.        

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