Family & Relationship Conflict

Process Features and Outcome Requirements

What?  You have issues, disputes or conflicts with friends, a spouse, life or business partners, or somebody else who matters (or who used to matter), to you.  Your problems are relationship-based and may involve loss of love, respect, trust or positive regard.  If a divorce or de facto separation is involved, you may need help with property settlement.    

Why?  You need to get your issues resolved because the emotional trauma is taking its toll on you, and on people you care about, and you all need to get on with your lives. 

How?  The process needs to be: confidential, empathic, sensitive, cathartic, constructive and empowering because, if you can’t get the relationship interplay right, nothing much else is going to work.  Dealing with your relationship issues first makes any material / property settlement problems much easier to resolve.  

The process needs to be fair, balanced, quick & (relatively) inexpensive.  Depending on the personalities and issues involved, you may either want to reach your own conclusions, or have somebody independent decide for you:  (a) if you just can’t reach your own agreement or (b) if the other s.o.b is never going to agree to anything! 

The process is inclusive, and can help to repair relationships, while it works to resolve disputed items.   It will produce a final outcome. 

Resolved by Agreement

Decisions are most appropriate for material stuff like property settlements, but they’re also useful for parties who get “all talked out” and just want an independent person they trust to make a decision to resolve specific issues they’re stuck on.  Unfortunately, decisional processes tend to bypass and worsen the emotional damage through a one-eyed focus on the material aspects of the dispute. 

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