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Commercial Arbitration

“Jon managed an exceedingly challenging arbitration process where, as a small business owner, I was opposed to a large company that formed part of a US-owned group."  

Family Farm Mediation

“I was involved in a ghastly dispute over our 4th generation family farm.  My husband’s health was failing, and our 3 children were at each other’s throats.  I despaired of ever regaining a normal life."

Business Family Conflict

"I was going through my archived emails this morning and I came across this, our last communication from you from nearly 18 months ago. It reminded me of how much work you put into trying to mediate our family situation, and your warnings to us all, should either party decide to abandon the process."

4th Generation Business Succession

 "We engaged Jon to help transition our 3rd generation family business, to the 4th generation.  He helped us to professionalise our operations and strengthen our family dynamics.  Then he helped to launch us towards our next 88 years!"

Ready to find out more?

“We’re highly skilled, cost-effective providers of dispute solutions.

We deal with all types of issue, dispute and conflict: from small to large; and from simple to complex – no matter how vulnerable, damaged, difficult or powerful the parties.

We prefer to defuse situations and solve problems, sensitively and sensibly, rather than fight battles, and then either: facilitate solutions, mediate agreements, or determine fair and practical outcomes”.